1. Basis of Charging

1.1   I generally charge on the basis of a daily or hourly rate.  
1.2  Travel time is charged at the full rate although only on a daily basis. If I travel overnight and therefore do not lose a day, then no additional fees will be incurred. I am however, very flexible with flights and travel and I am willing to discuss individual circumstances.
1.3  I charge disbursements such as travel expenses, hotels, photocopying and communications at cost.
1.4    I can undertake work on a fixed cost, lump sum, retainer or project basis for my fees and I am happy to discuss these arrangements with clients. I can work under a combination of hourly rate and fixed cost for discrete aspects of an assignment.
1.5   I aim to meet or exceed my clients’ expectations by providing a value for money service.
1.6    My fees and disbursements are billed in Pounds Sterling.

2. Payment of Fees & Disbursements

2.1   I do not ask for money on account. However, I am a small enterprise and so I ask that disbursements are paid on presentation and fee invoices promptly and in any event within 30 days of presentation.
2.2   I prefer to bill small and regularly. I am happy to discuss and agree with the client the level of fees before I issue an invoice.
2.3   Prior to invoicing I will confirm with the client the full style of the paying party and the type and amount of information required in the invoice.

3. Travel & Accommodation

3.1   All travel expenses are billed to the client at cost. For flights exceeding 5 hours duration, I generally fly business class for comfort and flexibility. However, I endeavour to keep costs as low as possible by traveling on consolidated tickets or via hub airports outside of the United Kingdom.
3.2   For flights within Europe, I will generally travel with one of the many low cost airlines operating from Liverpool.
3.3 I will generally use modest business class accommodation with excellent communications being of utmost importance, not just for my own purposes, but also for the client.
3.4    I bill foreign currency expenditure to clients in the Sterling equivalent.

4. Acceptance of Instructions

4.1   I am an independent consultant and am free to accept instructions from any party unless I am already acting in relation to the same matter. Instructions are accepted on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.
4.2   If for any reason I consider that I will be unable to provide a satisfactory level of service on a particular matter or will be unable to complete work within the required time frame, I will decline the instruction.

5. Undertaking Work

5.1   Unless specifically instructed to do so I will not sub-contract work.
5.2   I will establish at the outset the nature of the work, the extent of my authority and the work product required and will confirm my understanding in writing as soon as practicable.
5.3   I will agree with the client the frequency and modes of reporting.
5.4   I will give my best estimate of the time and costs involved in a given instruction once I have confirmed my understanding of the instruction and will use my best endeavours to complete the work in line with my estimates. Such estimates are not guarantees and are not to be taken as any guarantee or warranty whatsoever.