Dispute regarding collision damage repairs – Korea/UK - 1998 

Retained by Lawyers to advise on quantum and extent of repairs carried out to vessel damaged as a consequence of collision in Bangladesh. Compilation of comprehensive report complete with schedules etc for eventual disclosure to opponents, with successful outcome.

Bunker Quality Disputes – Various locations worldwide - 1995 - 2008 

Conducting comprehensive examination of main and auxiliary machinery, together with pertinent documentation, in order to ascertain circumstances surrounding damage alleged to have been sustained as a consequence of operation with off spec bunker fuel.

P&I and H&M Condition Surveys – Various locations worldwide - 1995 - 2008 

Appointed by P&I clubs and Hull and Machinery Underwriters to carry out comprehensive ‘Condition Surveys’ of vessels of varying type and dimension, including VLCC’s, Container Vessels, Reefer Vessels etc.

Engine Crankshaft and Bearing Failure – Diego Garcia / Singapore - 2000 

Retained by owners to advise on previous repairs and maintenance to 3 x diesel engines that subsequently failed as a consequence of incorrect viscosity of the lubricating oil. Collating comprehensive report for Underwriters and Lawyers concerned.

Injury to tender boat operators during the mooring of a VLCC – Liverpool - 1999 

Retained by owners, P & I association and Lawyers to investigate circumstances surrounding the serious injury of 4 tender boat operators sustained as a consequence of the parting of a mooring line. Liaising with all concerned including test houses, rope manufacturers and the Marine Accident and Investigation Branch (MAIB).

Main Engine Damage – Tallin - 2000 

Acting on behalf of Charterers and their P & I association and attending onboard a vessel at shipyard to investigate the causation of considerable machinery damage sustained to a vessel carrying a cargo of timber products. Investigating previous maintenance history, operation of main engine, survey status and history, and collating full report.

Damage Sustained to Hull Plating – New Orleans - 2002 

Retained by owners to investigate circumstances surrounding damage to side shell plating and internals caused by heavy weather. Collating full repair specification and identifying the repairs required, which totalled in excess of 600 tonnes.

Injury to Shipboard Personnel – Bremen - 2000 

Conducted detailed examination of lifeboat davits, hooks, quick release equipment etc. following failure of equipment, which subsequently caused serious injury to personnel. Compiling comprehensive report for Ship owner and P & I Association.

Life Extension Surveys – Singapore, Egypt, U.S.A., Italy - 2000 

Conducted thorough structural examination of Bulk Carriers, Container/Break Bulk vessels, LASH ships and Cement Carriers in order to provide owners with an independent view of the overall condition. Additionally, made recommendations concerning repairs and maintenance necessary to prolong operational service life.

Pre-Purchase Condition Surveys of Passenger Vessels – Channel Ports - 1999 

Carried out full survey and appraisal of thirteen vessels owned by two cross channel ferry operators prior to merger. Appraisal of machinery and cargo spaces, and passenger and crew accommodation.

Fire on Vehicle Deck of Passenger/Ro-Ro Vessel – Ireland- 2000

Evaluated extent of damage. Liaised with repairers and contractors. Endorsed repair accounts where applicable following completion of repairs. Expert opinion provided.

Crankcase Explosion – Liverpool - 2002 

Investigated source of initial ignition of crankcase explosion involving a large slow speed main engine. Ascertained extent of damage. Arranged and monitored repairs to machinery spaces and main engine. Expert opinion provided.

Pumping of Cargo of Molasses - Australia / Korea - 2002 

Investigated cause of slow pumping of Molasses on behalf of Charterers and Lawyers, alleged to have been a consequence of viscosity. Investigations proved that the slow pumping was a consequence of inadequate heating and inefficient and poorly maintained pumps, leading to a successful conclusion.

Speed and Consumption Disputes – Various - 2000 to 2016

Retained by owners and/or Charterers in order to investigate allegations of poor performance of vessel, and excessive consumption of fuel oil. Instructed by Charterers and sailed on Cape Size Bulk Carrier between Brazil and Singapore in 2005 to assess performance of vessel under all weather and sea conditions.



Vessel Sinking – Brazil - 2002 

Investigated circumstances surrounding sinking of vessel shortly after departing from load port. Establishing condition of vessel and concluding that vessel was unseaworthy.

Fire and explosion – Jebel Ali - 2002 

Retained by lawyers acting on behalf of owners of large container vessel that exploded and sustained considerable damage and loss of life to crew members. Collating detailed reports based on documents provided and first hand experience, and researching relevant information.

Shipbuilding Disputes – Korea - 2003 

Appointed by Lawyers and Shipbuilders in Korea in order to assist with disputes between builders and buyers, concerning a series of four bulk vessels. Collating sufficient evidence and information for arbitration, and advising shipbuilders with regard to completion of contract and subsequent successful delivery of vessels.

Main Engine Damage onboard Container Vessel – Australia - 2004 

Retained by Lawyers to provide expert opinion as to the causation of substantial damage sustained to the Main Engine of a 3500 TEU container vessel.

Speed & Consumption Dispute – Philippines and Taiwan - 2004 

Appointed by Charterers, together with hull and machinery underwriters and P & I association representing Charterers, with regard to a number of Speed and Consumption disputes. Attended onboard various vessels during sea passages to establish performance.

General Average – Singapore - 2003 

Retained by General Average Adjusters to assist with GA aspects involving a large fire and explosion onboard a 4500 TEU container vessel. Attending at Singapore throughout discharge of the vessel and ascertaining extent of “sacrifice” damage to the vessel and the cargo of containers.

Boiler Damage – Fujairah - 2004 

Appointed by Owners of a large bulk carrier to investigate the cause of damage to the tubes of an economizer unit.

Salvage of Passenger RO/RO Ferry – Poland - 2002 

Retained by Salvors to assist with establishing and evaluating the extent of damage sustained to a passenger RO/RO ferry following a collision and subsequent salvage operation in the Baltic Sea.

Grounding – Brazil - 2004

Appointed by Charterers of a Panamax Bulk Carrier to investigate a grounding incident that subsequently resulted in extensive damage to the hull.

Collisions and Groundings – Belgium/Netherlands - 2004 

Retained by Slot Charterers of a large container vessel to determine the cause of a collision with another container vessel. Appointed by owners of a large container vessel that grounded, to investigate circumstances surrounding steering capabilities and alleged defects of steering units.

Rudder Failure – Poland - 2003

Instructed by P&I Club to determine the cause of a rudder failure on a large OBO vessel.

Crane Failure – Korea - 2005

Retained by Charterers to investigate the circumstances surrounding failure of a crane hoist wire, and to establish causation.

Grounding – Yemen - 2005

Appointed by Owners of a large Container vessel to act on behalf of the General Interest following the grounding and subsequent salvage operations in the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen.

Grounding - Argentina - 2007

Instructed by P&I Club and Lawyers to investigate the cause of the grounding and subsequent damage to the rudder, of a Panamax Bulk Carrier.

Bunker Quality Dispute - Panama - 2007

Appointed by P&I Club, Charterers and Lawyers to investigate the extensive damage sustained to Auxiliary Engines allegedly as a consequence of consuming a small quantity of fuel oil said to have been within specification but containing properties and with characteristics consistent with the damage found.

Speed and Consumption Dispute - Weipa, Australia - 2007

Instructed to Charterers of a Panamax Bulk Carrier to attend onboard the vessel and to investigate the reason for the under-performance of the vessel and over consumption of fuel oil.

Bunker Quality Dispute - Norfolk, Virginia, USA -2007

Appointed by Charterers to investigate allegations by owners of a bulk carrier, that fuel oil bunkered and shown to have been within ISO8217:2005, was actually unstable.

Bunker Quality Dispute - Singapore - 2007

Instructed by P&I Club and Charterer to investigate claims by owner of a vessel that fuel oil supplied had a CCAI greater than specified within the Charter Party, and as a consequence had sustained considerable damage to the 2 x Main Engines.

Container Ship Grounding - 2008

Appointed by P&I Club and Charterers of Ultra Large Container Vessel to investigate the circumstances surrounding grounding in The Great Bitter Lakes, Suez Canal, Egypt.

Bunker Quality Dispute - Boston, New York and Fort Lauderdale, USA - 2008

Instructed by Lawyers representing Charterers of bulk carrier alleged to have stemmed 'off spec' bunkers. Attending onboard vessel, sampling and investigating circumstances.

Bunker Quality Dispute - Kaoshiung, Taiwan - 2009

Instructed by owners of a vessel to investigate circumstances surrounding bunkers with grossly elevated levels of Aluminium and Silicon and extensive damage to Main Engine.

Damage to Hull Plating on Capesize Vessel due to Corrosion - 2009

Instructed by Solicitors to provide expert opinion for High Court matter concerning the collapse of side shell plating and internals on Capesize vessel.

Crane Collapse - 2009

Instructed by Solicitors to provide expert evidence in arbitration concerning the failure of deck cranes.

Bunker Quality Disputes at numerous worldwide locations including but not limited to:

Boston, New York, Miami, Sri Lanka, China (10 x locations), Singapore, Indonesia, New Orleans, Houston, Gibraltar, Malaysia, Cape Town, Norfolk, Baltimore, Mombasa, Turkey, Montevideo, Mauritius, Solomon Islands, Vancouver, Denmark (3 x locations), Spain (4 x locations), Dampier, Auckland, Santos

Instructed by P&I and Defence Clubs for charterers and owners of large bulk carriers and container vessels concerning issues surrounding IFO with potential issues concerning Aluminium and Silicon (Al+Si), Sediment, Viscosity, Density, Water, CCAI etc.

Shipbuilding Disputes - China - 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2016

Appointed by lawyers representing Owners (buyers) of series of 3 x bulk carriers involved in a dispute concerning the quality of build and the issuance of Class and Statutory Certification.

Shipbuilding Disputes - South Korea - 2011, 2012 and 2016

Appointed by lawyers representing shipbuilder concerning dispute involving the condition of the crosshead bearings and journals of a large slow speed Main Engine

Appointed by lawyers representing shipbuilder concerning dispute involving the delivery of series of vessels and performing sea trials. 

Engine Room Fire - Balboa, Panama - 2011

Appointed by P&I club on behalf of Owners concerning investigation into the cause of a major fire in the engine room of laden bulk carrier

Note: The above is just a selection of cases undertaken. Since starting Findlay Marine Ltd in May 2006, I have taken on over 900 cases to March 2018 and I hope that I undertake a similar number over the next few years.